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  • Domain Management Panel
  • DNS Management
  • Domain Forwarding
  • Domain Locking
  • Domain Support 24/7/365

Why choose iohost for your
Domain Name Registrar?

We are confident that we can provide the best domain name services for our customers! Here are the most important reasons why you should trust us as your Domain Name Registrar!

Vast Selection of Domain Names!

We offer a large number of supported domain extensions, which means that we can match the demand of every customer for a personalized domain name. We can offer both regular and premium domain extensions at competitive prices!

Carefree renewal with flat pricing

Thanks to our Flat Renewal Pricing, all non-promotional domain names will be renewed on the same pricing as their first term! All promotional domains, on the other hand, will be renewed at their regular price after the promo period expires!

Domain Notifications

Skipping the renewal period of a domain name can cost a lot and even loss of the domain name. Thanks to our automated notification system, you will always know when a domain is up for renewal and never skip that crucial period!

24/7/365 Domain Name Support

Thanks to our 24/7/365 available Domain Support Crew, our clients can be sure that we will always be there to land assistance with the management of their Domains. Our Domain Support Crew is available via Chat or through our Ticketing System!

What do you get?

With each domain registration, we are providing a set of tools and features to help you take advantage of all that a Domain name can offer!

Domain Management

Simple and intuitive domain management

Our clients are provided with an easy to use Domain Management Interface directly in the iohost Client Area. All the tools are intuitively developed to meet the User Experience demands of all our clients!

DNS Management

DNS Management

The most important part of managing a domain name is to be able to Create, Edit, and Delete DNS records. Thanks to the DNS management service we provide, our clients are able to achieve complete control over the DNS records without any limitations about the DNS records types.

Domain Forwarding

Domain forwarding

Easily forward a domain name to another URL, any Social page, or any 3rd party service providers thanks to our Free Domain Forwarding Feature. With it, our clients do not need to have a Web Hosting Account to be able to forward a Domain Name!

Domain Security is the most important!

Every Registered or Transferred Domain Name is enhanced with a set of security features aiming to protect the personal information of our customers!

Domain Lock

Every domain name that you register with us will be locked by default! This means that the domain cannot be transferred without your approval and without the Domain Lock being lifted! Control over the Domain Lock service can be achieved only through your client area with us!

Free SSL certificates

Sometimes not only your personal information needs to be protected. The visitors of your website need to be assured of secure browsing on your website without the risk of exposing their personal details through an insecure connection! Thanks to our Free SSL service, we will encrypt the connection with your website visitors!